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ScheduleBase is the fastest and easiest way to schedule employees for casinos, theme parks and family entertainment providers.

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Casinos, theme parks and family entertainment providers need to know when staff is available and be able to schedule accordingly. ScheduleBase makes it easy to create a schedule and communicate with employees.

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ScheduleBase has been used to schedule over 140,000 employees and 5.8 million daily work schedules.

  • “I’ve been using ScheduleBase for almost three years now and I’m absolutely satisfied with it. Creating schedules is so much easier. No more paperwork! Instead, I log on to ScheduleBase and assign employees their work schedules. It’s very straight forward and user friendly. I would recommend ScheduleBase to anyone.”

    Craig James, Box Office/Volunteer Manager
    Ocala Civic Theatre, Ocala FL

Entertainment Companies Trust ScheduleBase

Casinos, theme parks and family entertainment providers know that they must correctly
schedule staff to make sure customers are happy and keep them coming back for more fun.
That's why they trust ScheduleBase as their preferred employee scheduling software.

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ScheduleBase works on desktops, mobile devices and tablets. Employees can access their schedules online, or get their work schedule automatically sent to them via email or text message.

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ScheduleBase is the most flexible and easy-to-use staff scheduling software available.

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