Sales/Use Tax Information

Sales/Use Tax

Due to a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, effective October 1, 2018, ABS will begin collecting sales tax for all states that we are required to collect and remit sales tax. Please note that all companies that sell over the web are similarly required to collect sales tax. If they do not, customers will likely have an obligation to pay the tax to the state themselves. Details on tax reporting can be found on the websites of your respective taxing authorities. We will continue to monitor and update our tax policies as these laws change.

Important Information Regarding Use Taxes
ABS is not required to and does not collect sales or use tax in states or U.S. territories other than those in which we have a physical presence. The fact that you purchased over the internet or by catalog, telephone, or other remote means does not exempt your order from use tax in the state or U.S. territory where you live. You may be required to pay use tax (when the sales tax is not collected by the retailer). Please check your state's laws regarding your use tax obligations. The states below require us to make the following statements to you.

Important Information Regarding Alabama Sales/Use Tax
Seller has collected the simplified sellers use tax on taxable transactions delivered into Alabama and the tax will be remitted on the customer's behalf to the Alabama Department of Revenue. Seller's program account number is SSU-R010299273.

Important Information Regarding Oklahoma Sales/Use Tax
We are not required to collect and do not collect Oklahoma sales/use tax. Your purchase from us is subject to Oklahoma use tax unless it is specifically exempt from taxation. The purchase is not exempt merely because it is made over the Internet, by catalog, or by other remote means. The State of Oklahoma requires Oklahoma purchasers to report all purchases that were not taxed and pay tax on those purchases. The tax may be reported and paid on the Oklahoma individual income tax return [Form 511] or by filing a consumer use tax return [Form 21-1]. The referenced forms and corresponding instructions are available on the Oklahoma Tax Commission website,

Important Information Regarding Pennsylvania Sales/Use Tax
We are not required to collect and do not collect Pennsylvania sales/use tax. Pennsylvania sales or use tax may be due in connection with the purchase and delivery of tangible personal property to Pennsylvania individuals and businesses. Pennsylvania requires purchasers to file a use tax return if tax is due in connection with their purchases delivered to the state. Therefore, you may be required to remit use tax directly to the Commonwealth on your purchase if the items are subject to Pennsylvania sales tax. Please visit this link to learn more about your use tax obligations under Pennsylvania law. This notice is required pursuant to the provisions of the Pennsylvania Tax Reform Code of 1971. 72 P.S. § 7213.2.

Important Information Regarding Washington Sales/Use Tax
We are not required to and do not collect Washington sales or use tax. Under Washington law, purchases are not tax-exempt merely because a seller is not required to collect Washington's tax. Sales or use tax is due on certain purchases delivered or sourced to Washington. When sales tax is not paid at the time of purchase, Washington law requires Washington purchasers to review untaxed purchases and, if any tax is owed, file a Washington use tax return and pay any tax due. Visit for more information. This message is required under the Revised Code of Washington 82.13.020(2)(a)(i).